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Multilotto: One of the Best Gambling Firm

For a long time, the game of betting has played a very important role in the fantasy world, in terms of the excitement obtained by betting, as well as the tragedy that arose during the game. So, a variety of betting platforms have come, which offer a variety of different sports and are based on web-based applications as well as online application-based platforms.

Also, due to a variety of games betting offered by the companies, they have also started providing a variety of other personal favorite games such as lottery draws prediction and then winning the game if the predictions come out to be true. Since the time it was introduced, it has gained good recognition in the past couple of years. So, many companies were solely based on the purpose of playing the game of lottery where the user has to create an account, deposit a fixed amount of money or more than that, and then playing the game of lottery. 

Favorite lotto

The game

The user wins the game if the prediction which he carried out on the lottery comes out to be true. The prediction can be in any form, as for an example it can include predicting a number from a set of numbers. The previously mentioned game is one of the most common types of lottery, which is carried in almost all of the lottery betting.

Now, since we have gained a preliminary understanding of the topic, let us see one of the company name MultiLotto, which operates its work in gambling, and more specifically, in the lottery betting prediction. 


Multilotto comes under a licensed gambling firm, which was founded a couple of years ago in 2012, and is currently headquartered in St. Julan’s Malta. The company was founded with the principle of the Courier Service Model.

Courier service model

Initially, when the company was founded and was a newbie company in the gambling field, the company started operating on the principle of the Courier Model. This means that the customer or the user can provide the bet on any of the games of his choice, or any of the leagues of his choice.

Then, the authorized person of the company would come to a specified location, to collect the money where the user has to come and have to pay for the betting he had ordered for. 

Major drawback

But, the major drawback of this principle is that many people used to order for the best and did not pay for the deposits. 

Multi Casino

Next plan 

So, as a result in the year 2015, they shifted from the principle of courier service to that of online mode. This was adopted by mostly all the companies, in which the user has to deposit a fixed amount of money and then they can go for betting. And the interesting fact is that the company is powered by Lotto Warehouse, which received the Malta Gaming Authority license for the first B2