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Three National Award Winner Players Got Affected with Coronavirus Recently

Now it’s the players who got affected by the deadly coronavirus. Due to the spread of the virus, the whole country was kept under lockdown and still, the effect of lockdown is ruling in many different forms. Lakhs of common people and some celebs got affected by this deadly coronavirus. Now it is in the news that three National award winner players of India are also under the effect of this virus. One of those players is Badminton player Satvik Sai Raj Reddy.

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He is a very popular badminton player in India and was nominated for the award. It has been decided to honor the players in a visual ceremony the award would be given and about 74 players would be awarded virtually by the Indian prime minister Ramnath Kovind. Now the latest news is that 9 of the 74 players would not be able to attend the function due to many different reasons. Some of them are out of the country, some are tested corona positive, someone going through some other health issues. Satvik said “There are 74 awards in seven categories. Total 65 award winners will be attending the function from various locations, nine award winners will not attend due to several reasons like being quarantined, tested positive, ill-health or not in the country, etc.”

After that, he said, “Three award winners after getting tested positive will not attend the function.”

It has been also decided by the gov to award the selected players for five Khel Ratna and 27 Arjun Awards. Five players whose contributions have enriched their relative sports with their amazing performances are Rohit Sharma from Cricket, Vinesh Phogat from wrestling,  TT player Manik Batra, Paralympian Mariyappan Thangavelu, and Rani Rampal the Captain of the Women’s Hockey team. 

After this all, Sai also told about the safeguarding of the place where the ceremony would be held. According to him, the place for the ceremony would be cleaned very well before the final program. All the required measures would be followed strictly like sanitization, social distancing, proper health check-up before entry, and many other things. 

According to the health minister, proper guidelines from their side have been passed to each and every member who is going to take the award. They have been advised to take their COVID 19 test before they reach the place to take the awards and they must take care of the required social distancing to keep the ceremony spot free from any link of COVID 19.

All schedules of the program have been made in advance. According to the report, The Indian President Ram Nath Kovind will attend the award ceremony virtually from his location. All the recipients of the awards would attend the meeting from nearby respective SAI centers Spread across the country. The whole ceremony would take place with the help of video conferencing. The sports Minister of India and all other officials would be there at the Vigyan Bhawan to take part in the award ceremony.