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PV Sindhu will not take part in Uber and Thomas Cup 2020

PV Sindhu is one of the most talented badminton players in India. On many occasions and in many different national and international tournaments, she represented India and won the title not just for herself but for the whole country when played in any international tournament.

People love to watch her playing like she always plays but for the next upcoming tournament, their wish would not be completed. The reasons behind this are still not clear as there were no specific reasons given from the side of PC Sindhu and his father.

Actually, in the latest press conference, the father of PV Sindhu expressed her emotional feelings for her daughter, and during that conference, he told her about this decision.

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In the talk with ANI, her father Mr. Raman didn’t tell much about the detailed clarification about her absence in the Thomas and Uber cup which have been scheduled to be played in the month of October between 8 to 11 in Denmark. He just said that due to some personal reasons they all have decided to do so. Whatever may be the reason, the fans of her just want to see her playing the game she plays but not at the cost of any discomfort to her.

After this all, the world champion Indian shutter returned to join the training and started her session camp for Olympic-bound athletes at the Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy in Hyderabad.

On Saturday she was living at her insta account of the Bank of Baroda official account. There she expressed her views on different topics and also revealed who inspired her to choose Badminton as her passion. In the live show, she said that it was her father who not just inspired her but also helped her a lot to find her way in Badminton. In her own words, she said: “Dad inspired me to play sports when I took up badminton; he never questioned my choice.”

When it was asked, was there any other option to choose other than the Badminton, she replied very frankly within thinking much about it. She said that in her childhood, she wanted to be a doctor but now she knows Badminton was better for her rather than becoming a doctor.

There she also talked about her time spent during the lockdown. When people asked how she spent the lockdown days she gave a genuine answer. She said that during the lockdown, she spent most of her time with her family and doing the kinds of stuff she could not do earlier due to lack of time and a very busy schedule.

In the insta life, she also expressed her views about the sports in future. According to her, the players should make the habit of playing the sport without spectators in the ground. When she was asked how she manages her stress during the game, she said: “When I am on the court I think about myself and my expectations and not what others’ expectations are.”